Wendy Huber, Mural Artist Painter

Retired digital designer, web designer, and illustrator who now dables in painting and mural art. With a lifetime of working in commercial art adapting those skills to the art to retail marketing.

Developing a suite of fine art serigraph prints which are now in numerous personal collections; graphic arts – in the form of the logos, illustrated posters and brochures for business to business and nonprofits – can be found throughout southern Oregon, and websites promoting many organizations, are found both regionally and world-wide.

The experience as a lead designer at Musician’s Friend, while the successful online retailer was based in southern Oregon, yielded tremendous expertise in creating effective promotional campaigns and designing positive online user experiences. Musician's Friend success was validated by both business success and major awards for website design.

Now time is focused on studying the natural beauty that surrounds us and bringing that to life in paintings as well as offering others an opportunity for their visions to come alive in murals and commission painting.