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Death & Dyeing: Hand-dyed Burial Shrouds and Deathcare Ceremonies

03-13-2021 11:00 am -01:00 pm
Fees are on a sliding scale - $5, $10, $15
Death & Dyeing: Hand-dyed Burial Shrouds and Deathcare Ceremonies

11 AM TO 1 PM

This discussion will explore the use and creation of burial shrouds throughout human history into modern time. From religious ceremonies to cultural practices, the burial shroud is common the world over. Unfortunately, this age-old and beautiful practice has become somewhat unknown to Western industrial society. With the rise of the funeral industry, our family-centered, folk burial practices have been commodified and taken out of our hands.

Angela intends to remedy this by sharing her experience and knowledge, with the hope to return the power of the burial shroud into our dying practices. As a seasoned natural dyer and folk artist, Angela utilizes natural dyeing and “eco-printing” when creating burial shrouds. She has turned this creative process into an opportunity for community or private ceremony.

Angela Franklin is a death midwife, Angela Franklinherbalist, folk artist and community deathcare advocate living in the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Angela and her husband Michael offer non-medical end of life services through Crossroads Community DeathCare. She has studied natural dyeing for over a decade and studies death midwifery at Sacred Crossings with Olivia Bareham. She feels the rekindling of ancestral practices are key to de-colonizing our world and providing agency to the collective.



03-20-2021 01:00 pm -03:00 pm
Fees are on a sliding scale $20, $25, $30

1 PM TO 3 PM

The Southern Oregon Guild invites you to Learn How to Create Powerful, Lasting Collage Images on 3D Objects
Saturday, March 20, 2021.

During this virtual workshop, Illinois Valley, Oregon collage artist, Kathi Culver, will lead participants in creating exciting collaged images on 3-D objects. Participants will each utilize 2 goose eggs to practice this creative technique. Two eggs plus other key materials should be picked up at the Guild Gallery & Art Center/RCC Kerby Campus (24353 Redwood Hwy., Kerby, OR), Thursday, March 18 between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.

If you are not in the region, eggs and other materials can be ordered online. Specifics for preparation for class and details about materials will be emailed to you, once you register, so if you are not local, you will want to register early.


Price includes 2 Goose eggs and other needed materials. If you are local, your materials package can be picked up from the Guild gallery Thursday, March 18 from 4pm-6pm. Call and leave a message at 541-659-3858 if you need to make another arrangement. 

Instructions for preparing for the class and a Zoom link to join the class at 1:00 pm, March 20 will be emailed to you separate from your confirmation email, once you register.

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Prophetic Activist Art with Tom Block

03-24-2021 05:00 pm - 04-21-2021 07:00 pm
$100 for 5 courses, over 5 weeks.
Prophetic Activist Art with Tom Block

Learn About the Principles of Activist Art
in this 5-Week Zoom Course


Tom's book Prophetic Activist Art is included in the price of the class.

"Tom is a general in an army of Prophetic Activist Artists. He directs the building of bridges between cultures, hearts and minds. He invokes the prophets of old to give credence to the prophets of today. He challenges us to use our creative powers to manifest the world all of us desire, about which we dream and for which we pray. His manifesto is a roadmap toward that end." -  Lewis Elbinger


This will be a laboratory for artists and their activist projects. Over the five-week course, participants will learn about the principles of activist art with Tom Block by developing projects during the class. Prophetic Activism is based on the idea that true social transformation must come from within societal pillars, and the best manner of implementing change is to influence these power centers. 

Please reach out to us if the price for this course is prohibitive for you. We have a reduced rate of $50 for Illinois Valley residents who would benefit from the reduced amount, as well as work exchange options. For information, call (541) 659-3858 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Call for Proposals: "Creative Community" Workshop Series

Call for Proposals:  "Creative Community" Workshop Series

Do you have an idea for bringing people together to inspire creativity and build community?

Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

The Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans is seeking proposals from creative people in the Illinois Valley and Josephine County to deliver online workshops on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm this fall, starting in mid-October, as part of our "Creative Community" series. 

Offerings could take the form of a:

  • Workshop
  • Guided Activity
  • Discussion
  • Collective Performance (or)
  • Another Format

Got an idea? Learn more and fill out the simple proposal form found here: Creative Community Proposal Form, and submit it as soon as possible. 

Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

We use the term "arts" and "artists" in a broad sense, encompassing all forms of creative practice and thinking. And, you don't have to be an expert!

We are looking for proposals that can happen via Zoom and are interactive, engaging, and encourage connections among participants. Your idea might involve just one Zoom meeting or several. We aim to create opportunities for exploration and to strengthen the creative community in southern Oregon’s Josephine County, especially in the Illinois Valley.

The Guild will provide support in coming up with ideas, facilitation, Zoom access, promotion and outreach, and a small stipend, depending on participation. Workshops will be offered for free with a suggested donation; 10% of the donations will go to the presenter with a $50 minimum guaranteed.

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