March: Thursdays through Saturday, 10am to 4pm
April: Tuesday
 through Saturday, 10am to 4pm 

With respect to Oregon state restrictions, we will continue to innovate our offerings, and focus on Zoom's potential to expand our “Growing Creative Community” initiative and create special live events that can be held safely. We will also explore other avenues and skills that will enable us and individual Creatives to share more broadly – radio, pod casting, live streaming, music, film, video, and beyond.

We invite everyone, near and far to JOIN US AS A MEMBER, and to offer whatever your creative mind suggests in this endeavor to grow our community creatively.

Do you have ideas for programming? then submit a proposal!

Your offerings may range from a classic class in Watercolor to a course in effective filming, to a class in assemblage sculpture or to an evening of storytelling.

As our President, Joyce Abrams, says,
“Expanding and deepening our connections with one another may be the single most important focus of our time.”


Watch us or join us as we MOVE FORWARD and meet new challenges.