Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans Activating Your Membership

To activate your membership, select 'Sign Up' on the plan of your choice below and follow the instructions provided in the membership form. 

Active Student Membership Plan

Active Student Membership (Voting Members)

As an active student member, whether you are an aspiring artist a crafts-person or already a seasoned professional, the Southern Oregon Guild offers a wealth of benefits to help you grow in your artistic endeavors. Collaborating with other artists and assuring the active presence of the arts in local communities are also vital aspects of membership in the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans.

Active Student Member Benefits

If exhibiting your work in a quality local Gallery environment is your desire, the Guild's Cooperative Gallery is an outstanding venue with quarterly exhibits and social occasions. (Gallery participation is on a juried basis).

If developing the materials for reaching customers and prospects in both local and non-local markets is your goal, your Guild membership provides you with:

  • Access to the full range of professional quality camera and lighting equipment, allowing you to take photographs of your work for applications to art fairs, art shows and gallery venues. Assistance in using the equipment is available.
  • Access to photographic backdrops suitable for your work, whether large furniture items, small jewelry items, flat art, sculpture, pottery, textile art, etc.
  • Access to Mac and PC computers with a full suite of software for creative professionals, including image editing and management, page layout for web authoring, video editing for DVD production, music editing, and so on.
  • Access to high speed internet on a Mac and PC computers.

If you are looking for a local resource for high quality printing of your own photographs or giclee prints, Guild membership provides access to 2 high quality Canon printers for just the cost of the paper and ink.

If reaching beyond your current market is your goal, you can:

  • Post your work on the Guild website.
  • Research art fair listings and other sales venues from around the Pacific Northwest and the nation.
  • Benefit from the experience and guidance of other Guild members who are seasoned exhibitors.
  • Access the Guild co-op gallery to directly offer your work for sale.

If helping others and assuring the active presence of the arts in our community are important to you, the Guild provides:

  • Opportunities to offer classes to other Guild members and the general public
  • Opportunities to raise funds to support the Guild Gallery and Art Center, and for Art Scholarships for young people
  • Opportunities to increase public awareness of the amazing variety and scope of high quality art work being produced in our region.

If you are simply looking for community with other artists and artisans, you will meet the astonishingly wide range of artists and artisans who comprise the Guilds' membership.  There are myriad opportunities to learn from, collaborate with and share with fellow Guild members through the year.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: $20.00