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Growing Creative Community: A program of the Southern Oregon Guild

Our communities are bursting with folks we call Creatives – people doing unique things, thinking unusual ways, and doing things that generate beauty, ideas, and other kinds of contributions to the local worlds we live in. Many of these folks don’t think of themselves as “artists” or “craftspeople”. They just do what they love.

At the Southern Oregon Guild, we are asking, "How can we come together? How can we come out of our small private worlds into a larger world where we can learn and grow and where we can become part of a gossamer web of connections that both support our personal world and offer strength and cohesion to the larger world around us?"All kinds of creatives are reflective people who could be a potent positive force for cohesion, health, and strength for our communities. It is with this belief that we at the Southern Oregon Guild offer our GROWING CREATIVE COMMUNITY PROGRAM, founded in 2020!

We are seeking proposals from local, regional, or international creatives who would like to lead a "Creative Community" offering! We aim to showcase how creative expression in its innumerable forms threads throughout our community. We are looking for offerings that: build a sense of creative community, bring people together across distance, and/or support the development and recognition of creative thinking or artistic skills.

Your offering could take the form of: a class, workshop, discussion with a guided activity, performance, or a skills demonstration or presentation that can either be in-person, on ZOOM, or a hybrid of both. Accessibility and interest across a variety of artistic disciplines is a plus! Classes are generally aimed for adults but we are open to classes for youth ages 12+

You do not need to be a Guild Member to offer a workshop. This is a paid opportunity and Guild staff is available to support YOU by helping you develop your idea, enhancing your ZOOM skills (if needed), providing technical assistance, and promoting your offering! Even if you don’t think of yourself as an expert “artist” or “crafts person," please apply! We are interested in a very broad definition of what "art" and "artist" means. Rural and Illinois Valley residents are highly encouraged to submit proposals.

Some examples of previous offerings from 2020-2023 include: Needle Felted Tapestries, 3D Collage, Creative Clothing Mending, Applique Banners, DIY Puppetry, Copper Embossing, The Art of Storytelling, Watermedia Textures, Prophetic Activist Art, Film Making & Editing, Eco-Printing, Watercolor for Beginners, Plein-Air Painting, Assemblage Sculpture, Color Theory, and conversations around "Exploring the Unconscious Source of Creativity."

Got an idea? Learn more and fill out the simple proposal form found here: Creative Community Proposal Form