• Testimony of Guild Member, Terry D. Davis

    “Standing alone in the deep studio, in the middle of the galaxy, free from ordinary concerns, my friends at the Guild have given me, not only permission, but encouragement to go and explore the pillars of creation where stars are born or our mothers face where love is born. It is wildly wonderful when people notice and appreciate and support this side of me and share in the relevance of art as power and agency in and of life itself.” LEARN MORE
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How To Become An Active Member

Some of our members are arts supporters and advocates who volunteer their time and/or resources to support the Guild’s mission. Most of our members are practicing artists who are anywhere from early in their artistic life to seasoned professionals. We welcome all levels of artists and look forward to talking with you and learning of your work in the arts.

Being part of a Guild is a collegial experience with members benefitting one another and their organization. We would like to get to know you and have you get to know us, both as individuals and as an organization. To make sure that the Guild can meet your expectations and that you will want to help in building and maintaining the strength of the organization and its ability to fulfill its mission, we would like to meet with you before Membership Registration.

If you are interested in applying for Active membership in the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans and have not yet met with a Guild Board member, contact us through Guild President, Joyce Abrams, to arrange to meet, show your work and have your questions answered virtually or in person. We will deliver an application to you by mail or in person. When the Gallery reopens, you can pick up an application at the Guild Gallery and Art Center, learn about the Guild from the Gallery Host, and arrange to meet with a Board member.

Address: 24353 Redwood Highway, Kerby, Oregon.
Phone: 541-592-5019

Contact Us

What is Possible as a Member?

  • Enjoy Guild gatherings and activities
  • Jury into the Guild Gallery
  • Use the Guild’s equipment (Including computers, printers, WiFi, photo studio, SLR & video cameras, tripods, backdrops and more, plus space for meetings and making art.)
  • Have a presence on the Guild website
  • Receive and contribute to the Palette newsletter
  • Share and collaborate with artists
  • Be a part of shared information resources and networks
  • Participate in Guild operations and activities
  • Have a voice in the present and future of the Guild

How to Become a Member


Once you have met with a Guild Board member, and you have been accepted for membership, you will receive a login and password which will allow you to apply online and pay for your membership using PayPal. Or, you can print out your application and mail it with a check for your membership fee to Southern Oregon Guild, P.O. Box 1596, Cave Junction, OR 97523.

Make your check payable to Southern Oregon Guild.

To complete the membership application form and pay your membership fee online, you will:

  • Log In
  • Once you're logged in go to Membership Plans
  • Once there, select your Membership Plan
    • Single membership fee is $60
    • Partner Membership: the first partner will choose "Active Couple Membership Partner 1" and apply and pay, then the second partner will log in and choose "Active Couple Membership Partner 2" apply and pay $30 for the second partner.
    • Student fee is $20
  • Click the Sign Up button
  • Choose the Process button
  • Fill out the Application Form
    • Choose to pay with PayPal or Offline Payment
    • Choose the Process button
  • You will be notified that your application has been submitted.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Membership Plans

Below is a list of our active memberships and we welcome your involvement!

  • Active Membership Plan
  • $60
  • Membership lasts 365 days
  • Voting Privileges
  • Working artists & art lovers
  • Includes online presence
  • Active Student Membership Plan
  • $20
  • Membership lasts 365 days
  • Voting privileges
  • Students working as artists & art lovers
  • Includes online presence
  • Active Couple MembershiP
  • $90
  • Memberships last 365 days
  • Voting privileges
  • Working artists & art lovers
  • Includes online presence