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Knitting, sewing, quilting, weaving, felting, needle-felting -- all are techniques applied by fine craftspeople to create everything from wall art to garments and accessories to unique three-dimensional art pieces. Fiber and Fabric arts are both ancient and contemporary, with new dimensions being explored all the time.

Gwen Huber Fiber & Fabric Art 5237

It all started with my grandmother. She lived with us while I was growing up. She was a master at making beautiful creations out of almost nothing and was always eager to try something new. She was also patient enough to teach me how to do the same. She taught me how to knit and crochet and how

Gwen Huber Fiber & Fabric Art 7055

If you’ve ever sat in a pasture or walked in the woods with a llama, you know the gentle presence and unique individuality of this special four-legged companion. Those same qualities live in the hand-felted llama wool hats that Isabel Gaige and I made over the years from the fiber grown each


With two parents who were artistic, it stands to reason that my twin sister and I would get some of their creative DNA. Even before high school, I was into calligraphy (a lost art with the age of computer fonts) and “doodling.” I discovered yarn in high school and found I enjoyed the textural

Gwen Huber Fiber & Fabric Art 4610

I’ll make anything out of fabric, or even plastic or metal!

The most unusual and challenging sewing projects are the type of work I like to do. It was inevitable, growing up with an inventive machinist father and a high fashion seamstress mother, and possessing a long, skinny body


Shahoma McAlister hand-weaves beautiful and unique alpaca fiber rugs in her studio near the wild and scenic Illinois River in Southern Oregon. Colors of nature and the textural richness of mountains and rivers inspire and influence her creative weavings.

Having been self-taught on a

Caitlin Deane Fiber & Fabric Art 89

Caryne Mount creates unique wearable art using vintage kimono fabrics and textiles from Japan, contemporary fabrics, and when she cannot find the exact fabric she needs, she will design and make it herself. She is an award-winning art to wear designer, and recipient of two individual artist


The variety of work being done in the Fiber & Fabric Arts is astounding. It ranges from the traditional and functional to the avant-garde. Guild members explore many aspects of this fascinating branch of the art world. See their work at the Guild Gallery & Art Center.

Class held 2014 Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans

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