We have Opened the Guild Gallery
10-4 Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Masks and sanitizing are required for entry.

Guild members can arrange to show their work to interested parties and can arrange to use Guild equipment – computers, printers, photo studio, etc. Appointments can be arranged by calling or emailing 541-659-3858  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Growing Creative Community in this Challenging Time

Small group live events and new Zoom events will happen as we continue to Grow Creative Community in this challenging time. We’ll call our small live events. They will be either invitation-only or 1st come-first-served for a limited capacity. 

Moving into our Unknown Future

We will continue to innovate, focusing on Zoom's potential to expand our “Growing Creative Community” initiative and creating special small live events that can be held safely. We will also be exploring other avenues and skills that will enable us and individual Creatives to share more broadly – radio, pod casting, live streaming, film and video, and beyond.

Offerings may range from a classic class in Watercolor to a course in effective filming to a class in assemblage sculpture to an evening of storytelling. If you have ideas for programming, please submit a proposal here!

As our President, Joyce Abrams, says, “Expanding and deepening our connections with one another may be the single most important focus of our time.”  We hope all Guild members will join in that effort, in whatever ways your creativity suggests. And, we invite everyone, near and far, to join with us in that endeavor.

We will open our Gallery & Art Center doors on a regular schedule as soon as safely possible. But in the meantime, COVID-19 continues to challenge our creativity and our commitment to MOVE FORWARD. Watch us or join us as we meet that challenge.