Charles Churchill Sculpture

Charles Churchill has been a sculptor for 46 years and a teacher for 26. His passion for art evolved from a love of jazz, leading him to beat poetry, abstract art, and even motorcycles. In 1989, he graduated art school at Sonoma State University and began showing and selling his art. Abstract assemblage and light sculptures make up a large portion of his body of work, made almost entirely of disregarded industrial scraps. By using found wood, glass, and metals, he celebrates and honors the materials made from our planet’s resources.

"Creating for the sake of creating is a most human concept. Sculpture can be found from Neo-lithic times. I am blessed with a sense of composition -- an especially vital ingredient in abstract sculpture -- that allows me to use wit and beauty, with a [rascally?] streak of edginess running through, similar to the music we call jazz - a marriage of spirituality and poetry. You may notice my sculpture is made almost entirely from disregarded industrial materials. I feel intense pleasure making beauty out of scrap that was originally made from our planet's resources. I honor and celebrate the materials. Welcome to my world of Industrial Scrap Magic." Charles Churchill

Charles has taught art and curated exhibitions at Sonoma State University and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. He has also shared the art of assemblage to children of all ages in various schools and Head Start programs in Northern California. Charles was the August 2021 Featured Artist at Central Art Gallery in Medford, OR and currently has 8 pieces on display at the Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby, OR. To learn more about his work and process, visit