Ceramics &  Glass Art by Guild Members   Ceramics By Guild Members

Working with clay, glazes, and varying intense degrees of heat, ceramic artists create both functional and purely aesthetic works of fine craft. Their medium keeps them grounded in the earth and in the long history of the potter’s craft.

Gwen Huber Ceramics 6111

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT CLAY! I have played in clay for 40 years, trying out many of the techniques clay offers. While doing this I have taught art, language arts, special education - all of which brought much satisfaction, but clay has always been my joy.

I make both utilitarian

Gwen Huber Ceramics 6053

Stephen Kirkland’s love affair with ceramics started in 1967 when he was 14 years old, and his continuous work making pottery has yielded mastery at his art.

Stephen uses various techniques including pit firing, applying ingenious designs while the clay is on the wheel, and perhaps the


My ceramics came from the influence of my wife, Roxanne Hunnicutt, a potter. While I can't use a potter's wheel with skill, I make my work from slabs, usually abstractions. My favorite work is totems which usually feature bright colors and geometric shapes. Totems are stacks of pottery pieces

Caitlin Deane Ceramics 588

Caitlin is a lover of all earth-based crafts. Her discovery of clay and its endless possibilities opened a path for her to develop a deep reverence towards local and natural materials. Through her work, she allows clay’s transformative properties, fragility, and ephemerality to discuss

Caitlin Deane Ceramics 505
Dana is a ceramic and visual artist who recently moved to Jacksonville Oregon after starting her ceramics career in
Class held 2014 Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans

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