Sculpture & Metal Art a by Guild Members Sculpture By Guild Members

Whether it is bas relief or fully free-standing, sculpture is a three-dimensional form of artistic expression. Some sculptors prefer to find their imagined object by carving or chipping away parts of a piece of stone, wood or clay. Others choose to build an object from nothing, using one or more of these materials and more.

Caitlin Deane Sculpture 609

Terry was first introduced to the world of art through learning to create and cast garden sculptures with his family, taking their creations to flea markets, Saturday markets, garden shops, art fairs, galleries, and eventually the California Renaissance Fair where he

Gwen Huber Sculpture 6174

A self-taught artist who lives in the mountains of southern Oregon, Mason felt from early childhood that she was an artist but initially chose the path of marriage, children and work. For many years art was an undercurrent in her day-to-day life and she took varied art classes when time and

Gwen Huber Sculpture 6217

Creating things is as fundamental to me as breathing. My mind is full of ideas swirling around, and they need to be explored. The brain and the hands are itching to find out what will develop.

Growing up in eclectic San Francisco with a machinist/inventor father, a couturier mother and

Caitlin Deane Sculpture 518

Charles Churchill has been a sculptor for 46 years and a teacher for 26. His passion for art evolved from a love of jazz, leading him to beat poetry, abstract art, and even motorcycles. In 1989, he graduated art school at Sonoma State University and began showing and selling his art. Abstract


Sculpture is a highly tactile medium for both artist and art lover. The feel of a work of sculpture adds immeasurably to the power and pleasure it can impart. Come enjoy the sculptural work at the Guild Gallery & Art Center and check back here for new additions.

Class held 2014 Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans

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Joyful camaraderie comes with learning and working together on something you love. Our art classes and workshops bring together artists and community members to create in a variety of media. Watch our calendar.

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The Guild’s art workshops and classes are taught either by Guild members, who are practicing artists in their field, or by visiting Master Artists, who are regionally or nationally recognized for excellence in their disciplines. Classes in the business of art are taught by professional artists and educators who have achieved economic success in the arts.