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Writers, Musicians, Actors, Dancers and more — all are artists who add to the richness of our cultural lives in Southern Oregon. Some can be found among the Guild’s members.

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I retired from 33 years of teaching and moved to a small country town. I can finally devote time to my passions for photography, writing and travel. A Chinese fortune cookie I once received read, “You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual.”

Nature, architecture, light and


Hi, I’m Ryan Forsythe. I’m a writer, editor, artist, and dad originally from Cleveland, though now I make my home in the woods of O’Brien, Oregon.

I’ve been studying writing for some time and recently completed an M.F.A. in creative writing at San Diego State, where I also served as


My husband and I have lived on a small organic farm in southwest Oregon since 1975.  I’ve worked variously as a landscaper, nursery worker, apple picker, library assistant, travel agent, social worker, and volunteered for several years at a wildlife rehab and education center caring for

Lisa E. Baldwin, a fifth-generation native Oregonian, has lived in the Lower Applegate community of Jerome Prairie since 1966. She was educated in Josephine County schools and earned both her Bachelor's and Master's

Dorothy Vogel was a reporter, publicist, and technical writer in New York and New Jersey before she retired to the Northwest to take up mystery writing and nature. Timber Mill Action, Vogel's first book, focuses on an east coast bishop's son who is wanted in Oregon for


Michael Spring is a martial arts instructor and poet. He’s won several awards and distinctions for his poetry, including a Luso-American Fellowship from DISQUIET International; the 2016 Centennial Artist of the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve; the 2013 Turtle Island Poetry Award

Lisa E. Baldwin, a fifth-generation native Oregonian, has lived in the Lower Applegate community of Jerome Prairie since 1966. She was educated in Josephine County schools and earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Southern Oregon. Baldwin taught English in Grants Pass for 30 years, serving 14 years at North Middle School and 16 years at Grants Pass High School, retiring in 2015. Currently, as owner of N8tive Run Enterprises, she works as a poet and freelance writer, an editor, a teacher and literary consultant. Baldwin is also a past-President of the Oregon Poetry Association and is an active member of the Southern Oregon poetry community.
The Guild Gallery & Art Center currently carries two of Lisa's poetry books: Truths and Consequences, the first book-length collection from Poet Lisa E Baldwin, explores the lived experiences of a common American woman, as a girl in rural Oregon, as a teenaged victim and abused young wife, as a single mother, and ultimately as a strong survivor. In poems that are both tender and brutal, funny and tragic, as well as stylistically diverse, Baldwin is an unflinching truth-teller, adding her clear, authentic voice to the canon of feminist literature.
Lisa E Baldwin’s second poetry collection, Jerome Prairie Creation Myths and other Farm Tales, comes from her experience as a lifelong rural Oregonian, and her love for the Lower Applegate Valley where she has lived since 1966. The poems here celebrate a deep love of the natural world–poems about trees, birds, rivers, skies, wind, seasons, Earth; and there are poems that grieve for the losses inflicted on our natural world by the climate crisis and on-going human exploitation of the planet. Some of the poems started as stories she told her young son, others are drawn from stories she was told as a child. All are connected and held together as a collection by a keen respect for our home planet.
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