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Painters work in watercolor, acrylics, oils and artists’ pencils, rendering two-dimensional art works that range from pure abstraction to photorealism to unique combinations of images that express feelings, ideas, and a view of the world. Fine art printmakers etch or carve their original images into hard material like wood or metal and print the images, usually on paper.

Gwen Huber Painting & Printmaking 5564

Most of my pre-Oregon life was in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Armed with a degree in mathematics and a teaching certificate, my career in education began and several decades later and that is still developing.

Now however, after many years immersed

Gwen Huber Painting & Printmaking 6431

Sheila Mason is a self-taught artist who lives in the mountains of the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Mason felt from an early childhood that she was an artist but chose to pursue the path of marriage, children, and work. For many years art was an undercurrent in her day-to-day life, and

Gwen Huber Painting & Printmaking 4950

Kristen O'Neill is a landscape painter and art teacher in Southern Oregon. Her artwork aims to inspire you to look longer, and really appreciate a place by showing you its personality. Kristen's paintings capture the emotional release, the beauty of the place,


Alx Fox is a fine art abstract expressionist and instructor working in the fine arts since 1985. She studied art, photography and design at Barat College, Lake Forest, Ill. focusing on experimental art. She was President of the Southern Oregon Society of Artists from January


The natural world and her animal love inspire Dara Daniel's acrylic/mixed media on canvas. She combines bold colors, shapes, and textures to create fun, playful interpretations of birds, horses, and other animal spirits. Her paintings combine all the available design elements to express

Caitlin Deane Painting & Printmaking 410

A plein air and studio painter working with a variety of media. He has lived in Southern Oregon since 2016. Prior to moving to Oregon, Ray was a fine artist in the mountains of North Carolina for over a decade. He also had a 20 year art career, first, as an illustrator with the Department of

Caitlin Deane Painting & Printmaking 280

Born in 1953 at Black Mountain College in Asheville, NC (an avant-garde art school, during the time of the Abstract Expressionist Movement) Caitlin Rice was born an artist. Caitlin has been painting since the age of 13 when she started taking classes from local artists in Los Angeles,

Caitlin Deane Painting & Printmaking 311

Angela Franklin is a multimedia artist who draws inspiration from nature, folklore, and the spirit of place. She has a background in plant medicine, death midwifery, and community organizing. She studied Art at Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri and has been focusing on botanical

Caitlin Deane Painting & Printmaking 235

Brian Davis was exposed early in life to a world of art and creativity during high school. His two instructors were of the surreal persuasion and being fascinated by it seemed to stick with him! Fast forward through marriage, children and work sidelined his ability to make art a priority. Now


In her artistic practice, Pam explores nature. She goes beyond realism and provides a unique, powerful vision of her natural subjects that deepens the connection between the viewer and the natural world. Her distinctive style is colorful, highly textured and semi-abstract, but the natural forms


Painters and printmakers use two different ways of rendering original images that they create by hand. Both are two-dimensional art forms. All may intend their work to express any ideas or feelings from simple aesthetic pleasure to political activism. Guild members’ work in the Guild Gallery represent many of these possibilities.


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Joyful camaraderie comes with learning and working together on something you love. Our art classes and workshops bring together artists and community members to create in a variety of media. Watch our calendar.

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The Guild’s art workshops and classes are taught either by Guild members, who are practicing artists in their field, or by visiting Master Artists, who are regionally or nationally recognized for excellence in their disciplines. Classes in the business of art are taught by professional artists and educators who have achieved economic success in the arts.