Jewelry & Metal Art By Guild Members Jewelry & Metal Art By Guild Members

Guild artists approach these decorative arts in very different ways. Some use a variety of recycled materials to create beautiful jewelry, some focus on creating stunning pieces with unique combinations of beads, and some use metals to create unusual useful objects from jewelry boxes to tabletops and wall pieces.

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Creating things is as fundamental to me as breathing. My mind is full of ideas swirling around, and they need to be explored. The brain and the hands are itching to find out what will develop.

Growing up in eclectic San Francisco with a machinist/inventor father, a couturier mother and

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I have long created metal art and gemstone jewelry, but my current focus is on my newest art form which I call “Metal Earth Art”. My newest creations are multi-media “paintings” that contain a lot of natural materials, including plants, gemstones, and precious metals in addition to paints. I

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When I retired from my career as a physical therapist, I put the commercial world behind me and am now indulging in fulfilling my creative ideas full time.

I love making bas relief sculptures and decorative patterns in copper that become table tops, doorway arches, wall plaques, and

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Most of my pre-Oregon life was in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Armed with a degree in mathematics and a teaching certificate, my career in education began and several decades later and that is still developing.

Now however, after many years immersed

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Miri Admoni (b. 1954 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is a mixed media, glass, and jewelry artist, who shares her life between Israel and the USA. Arts and crafts were always a part of Miri’s life since childhood. Her formal education was in graphic design, where she has worked as a freelance designer and

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Mary Reynolds is a Southwest Oregon artist living in the scenic Illinois River Valley. She developed a thrill for beads and beading over years of hobby craft. Looking for her niche, she tried working with all types of beads and techniques. In the process, she developed a passion for freeform

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