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Designers create by integrating an often massive number of disparate elements and processes to produce something both functional and beautiful. They work in both the real world and the virtual world, producing everything from buildings to set designs to websites.

Gwen Huber Designers 5181

Web design, graphic arts, illustration, and printmaking are my loves from a lifetime of work in the arts and in applying the arts to marketing.

My fine art prints are in numerous personal collections; my graphic arts – in the form of the logos and brochures of businesses and nonprofits

Gwen Huber Designers 4608

I am a Designer and Builder, or in modern terms, a “maker.”

I have worked professionally designing and creating a wide variety of things -- from houses, stage sets and scenery for Grand Opera to wedding dresses, posters and dance costumes. I’ve used a chain saw to form large sculptures,

Joyce Abrams Designers 4161

Hi, I’m Ryan Forsythe. I’m a writer, editor, artist, and dad originally from Cleveland, though now I make my home in the woods of O’Brien, Oregon.

I’ve been studying writing for some time and recently completed an M.F.A. in creative writing at San Diego State, where I also served as


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Joyful camaraderie comes with learning and working together on something you love. Our art classes and workshops bring together artists and community members to create in a variety of media. Watch our calendar.

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The Guild’s art workshops and classes are taught either by Guild members, who are practicing artists in their field, or by visiting Master Artists, who are regionally or nationally recognized for excellence in their disciplines. Classes in the business of art are taught by professional artists and educators who have achieved economic success in the arts.