Ceramics &  Glass Art by Guild Members   Ceramics By Guild Members

Working with clay, glazes, and varying intense degrees of heat, ceramic artists create both functional and purely aesthetic works of fine craft. Their medium keeps them grounded in the earth and in the long history of the potter’s craft.

Also called Potters, artisans who work in clay are usually prolific producers. Check back here, and visit the Guild Gallery and the artists’ other online presences periodically for new work.

Class held 2014 Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans

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Our Workshops & Classes

Joyful camaraderie comes with learning and working together on something you love. Our art classes and workshops bring together artists and community members to create in a variety of media. Watch our calendar.

Our Teachers

The Guild’s art workshops and classes are taught either by Guild members, who are practicing artists in their field, or by visiting Master Artists, who are regionally or nationally recognized for excellence in their disciplines. Classes in the business of art are taught by professional artists and educators who have achieved economic success in the arts.