Painting by Sheila Mason

Sheila Mason is a self-taught artist who lives in the mountains of the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Mason felt from an early childhood that she was an artist but chose to pursue the path of marriage, children, and work. For many years art was an undercurrent in her day-to-day life, and she took varied art classes when time and family demands permitted. Now with her children grown, she has been able to retire and move art to the forefront of her life as a member of the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans.

Mason's stunning daily environment inspires her paintings that celebrate the flora and fauna of the Siskiyou and Kalmiopsis Wilderness, specifically the Pacific Coast Old-Growth Redwoods. Painting to her is about allowing the mind's eye to stand among the trees away from the hustle and bustle of life's minutiae. With each piece, Mason invites the viewer to join her in smelling the forest and hearing the sounds that abound there. She seeks to refresh the viewer and touch the soul, reveling in the glory among the calm and wonder of the trees.

Alongside painting, Mason is an accomplished sculptor who loves to experiment with many different artistic mediums. She incorporates 3D textural elements into many of her 2D works. Tree bark comes alive and extends off the canvas through her unique application of thick gesso and plaster. Her figurative ceramic pieces also have a life of their own! Sheila Mason has displayed her work at various galleries around Southern Oregon, including the Grants Pass Museum of Art. To see her 3D painting process and tutorials, visit the Guild's YouTube Channel. More of her work is currently on display at the Southern Oregon Guild Gallery.