Hi, I’m Ryan Forsythe. I’m a writer, editor, artist, and dad originally from Cleveland, though now I make my home in the woods of O’Brien, Oregon.

I’ve been studying writing for some time and recently completed an M.F.A. in creative writing at San Diego State, where I also served as Associate Editor with Fiction International, the literary journal of formal innovation and social activism.

My writing is often focused on the offbeat and experimental in both form and content. In fact, the subtitle of my first novel will tell you a little about my styles and interests. Dick Cheney Saves Paris: A Personal and Political Madcap Sci-Fi Meta- Anti- Novel. It was released the same day as Dick Cheney’s own novel—er, memoir (though I’d wager mine is a bit more fun to read).

I also enjoy photography and graphic design, particularly book design. As publisher of Left Fork Books, I’ve designed 10 books so far, including a doodle book celebrating the Illinois Valley, where I live (available at select locations in the IV).

I also create "Slugdalas" —banana slug mandalas, of course! While living in Redwood National Park, I noticed my photographs of the trees did not do such a good job conveying their size and majesty. I turned my attention to something considerably smaller—banana slugs. Through manipulating the images (and not the slugs—no slugs are harmed in the making of Slugdalas), the mandala that results provides an interesting mix of the natural and the abstract.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit leftfork.org and/or ryanforsythe.com. Thanks!