After a career as a social science professor, I now have time to develop my lifelong interest in art. I am a painter who uses mixed media to depict my views of nature. In addition to watercolor, I often work with natural materials like beeswax and limestone clay. Using these materials means that I can marry 2D and 3D art by scraping forms into the clay or wax and then using various tools to bring out color and forms in a way that highlights the natural features that are the subject of the painting. I an inspired by the natural beauty of my home state of Oregon and include its flora and/or fauna in all my work. My pieces convey emotion and an appreciation of nature through bright colors and strong design elements.

I have taken classes and workshops at places like Sitka Center for Art, and have studied watercolor and encaustics with accomplished artists in these media. I teach encaustic and other mixed-media classes