Before embarking on my own journey as a professional artist, I taught art classes from elementary school to community college levels after earning a B.A. degree and teaching credential from Colorado State University in 1980.

My paintings have been in shows in California, New York, Missouri, and Oregon, and they are in private collections in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Japan.

Upon moving to Southern Oregon with my husband eighteen years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of beading. After studying and practicing hard for two years, I developed the skills and my unique style that earned my beaded jewelry acceptance at major craft shows up and down the west coast for the past twelve years. Currently available work can be found at the Guild Gallery in Kerby, Oregon and on my website at

Though my painting stems from the Minimalistic school of thought, my jewelry is far from minimal. Often described as striking and elegant, my pieces intermingle color and texture and evoke an emotional response from the unsuspecting admirer to the point of changing how a person feels about themselves when they wear a piece.

I want people to feel special. We are all unique, individual works of art. Once I was lucky enough to be introduced to creating jewelry, I was no longer pleased with making a jewelry purchase because I ended up wondering how many other women were wearing the same exact piece. It did not conjure up a picture of myself as being unique, and I knew there had to be other women who felt the same way.

I was also not pleased with the quality I was getting for my money. Too much money spent on pieces made with plated material that wore off after a year, not being worn because of the way it looked, and then ending up in some yard sale or trash can. There had to be a better way.

As I do with my paintings, I like to play with color in my jewelry. Try something a little out of the ordinary, blatant contrast, subtle hints, complete tonality.

Inevitably, one piece leads to another, which is fine with me. I strive to create completely unique pieces, with care and quality, one at a time, so that those who admire my jewelry can purchase their own little work of art that is as individual as they are.

Beading is an ever changing medium, and I’m definitely hooked.