I have long created metal art and gemstone jewelry, but my current focus is on my newest art form which I call “Metal Earth Art”. My newest creations are multi-media “paintings” that contain a lot of natural materials, including plants, gemstones, and precious metals in addition to paints. I also use copper, brass, bronze, silver, and sometimes gold as elements of composition.

In addition, I wanted to bring back the fairly lost art of Black Velvet Painting so the backgrounds of some of my pieces have the rich texture and iridescence of that technique.

I indulge my love of nature and animals in the hope that the viewer will feel the deep sense of peace that can be experienced in the natural world, a world I know well. My family has always held nature in awe and we are avid rock hounds and miners.

In addition to my Metal Earth Art, I continue to make metal art and gemstone jewelry as well. Like the family I come from, I am always creating.