For Dave Kendall, the dance that is Glassblowing involves elements of passion, fluidity, drama, spontaneity, choreography, temperature and timing all working together. The hot glass seems to have a life of It's own: creating a piece to completion is an immensely rewarding experience bounded by a narrow time window as the glass cools.

Every one of a kind piece is signed and dated by the artist. Only the finest quality work is carefully selected to be sold.

Dave Kendall discovered his lifelong passion for glassblowing and hot glass work through instructor Bill Happle while attending Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. The creative freedom of the liberal Goddard curriculum provided a fertile environment in which Dave was able to flourish as a glassblower and conduct a thorough study of the world history of manmade glass objects dating back 4000 years. The captivating raw energy of handling hot glass quickly revealed itself to Dave as a world of endless possibilities in which he could immerse himself in a lifetime of pursuit.

Graduating from Goddard with a bachelor of arts degree in 1974, Dave had the good fortune to find the opportunity to work with Art Reed of Sweetwater Glass, Delancy, NY as his assistant while creating his own body of work on the side. During this period Dave successfully showed and sold his work in the eastern states and founded Freedonia Glassworks aka Kendall Art Glass.

In 1985 Dave built his own glassmaking studio on the property where he and his family now live in SW Oregon. In this botanically rich environment Dave and his wife Susan operated a successful home based retail and wholesale glassblowing business for many years, selling work to over 200 stores in over 40 states.

Dave and Susan have scaled back their business but still produce and sell Dave’s gorgeous art glass. His work can be found at the Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby, OR and there's more information on their website at