Kathi Culver is a mixed media artist living and working in Southern Oregon. She was born as a twin into a family of artists and surrounded by creativity from a young age. Her mother, a decorative arts and painting teacher, and her father, a radio and movie/TV actor. She and her sister grew up spending their summers in the mountains of Southern California, knowing they would someday live in a land of tall evergreens. Having played with paper dolls as a child, Kathi felt her discovery of collage was a natural evolution of her work.

In the late ‘90s, she was introduced to collage through a class taught by her friend Via, a professional collage artist in Northern California. This new medium allowed her to create a space where her intentions were exhibited in a wonderful and inventive way. Several years later after, Kathi learned how to apply collage onto 3-dimensional objects through her friend Becki. In her collage business, "Tortuga Art", Kathi currently utilizes a wide range of new and recycled materials to work on such as trays, boxes, furniture, dolls, and even toilet seats!

Her heart and artistic process have been enriched by the many different countries she has visited in her life. Glimpses of these places are featured in her pieces and celebrate her love of cultural and visual juxtaposition. Alongside collage, Kathi also enjoys photography, beading, drawing, dancing, reading, gardening, food preservation, and hiking around her home in the Illinois Valley.

A diverse collection of her art such as greetings cards, jewelry, collage trays, and framed pieces are available for purchase through the Southern Oregon Guild Gallery in Kerby, Oregon.