If you’ve ever sat in a pasture or walked in the woods with a llama, you know the gentle presence and unique individuality of this special four-legged companion. Those same qualities live in the hand-felted llama wool hats that Isabel Gaige and I made over the years from the fiber grown each year by the llamas at Forest Edge Farm.

Working in our studio at the ranch in southern Oregon’s Illinois River Valley, we watched daily the peaceful lives of the Abrams llama herd whose shorn and carded fleeces transformed after many hours into one-of-a-kind hand-felted llama wool hats.

Hand felting is arduous work and takes time. However, the lightness, softness, and flexibility of our llamas’ fiber rendered into shaped felt by loving hands yielded a hat that both protects and nurtures the wearer as well as the creator. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, both because of the designer’s art and because nature’s artistry makes each llama’s fleece unique.

We closed our studio in 2013 because it was time for both Isabel and me to move on to other things in our lives. However, an inventory of the llama hats still waits to bring comfort to new owners. They are available at the Guild Gallery in Kerby, OR, the Visitor’s Center in Cave Junction, OR, and at both the Oregon Caves Chateau’s gift shop and Forest Edge Farm outside Cave Junction.

Hats in all eight styles are still available and I can be reached for inquiries or an appointment to come try on hats at the Gallery or the ranch through Contact Us on this Guild site.