Hi There! My name is Johnnie Walker.

With a name like Johnnie Walker, it does make life interesting, being that the name Johnnie Walker is most commonly used as a man’s name. And, Johnnie Walker is a famous brand of liquor -- Johnnie Walker Red and Black.

I was born in Morehead, Mississippi and was raised in Los Angeles, California. I moved to southern Oregon in 1980 where I produced and sold pottery to public and private markets. In 1985, I ventured off into other fields of work, which proved to be not as satisfying, so in 2003 I returned to pottery, which I have always enjoyed.

I find pleasure in making stoneware pottery that is safe to eat from as well as specially handmade pottery just to enjoy. All my Raku fired boxes are hand built from slabs rolled out and put together piece by piece, bisque fired, glazed, then Raku fired. My stoneware pottery is hand thrown, glazed, and then fired to cone 5 or cone 10.