Most of my pre-Oregon life was in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Armed with a degree in mathematics and a teaching certificate, my career in education began and several decades later and that is still developing.

Now however, after many years immersed solely in a left-brained world, I am exploring art work in some quite diverse media. This new direction in my life has brought a much needed depth and balance to my being.

Whether it is while beading simple jewelry items, tooling with polymer clay, or splashing swaths of brilliant acrylics on canvas, joy and peace pervade my body and soul. The process of creating is endlessly fascinating. Choosing colors, sheens, and textures is an exciting venture, like a right-brained puzzle! While my jewelry tends to be quite simple, each piece has a casual elegance. The patterns within the stones and beads I use tend to put focus on the innate beauty of the components.

Thus far, my work in abstract painting has been filled with a much texture and deep, passionate colors. I aspire to create pieces that (despite the harsh realities of day-to-day struggles for many) evoke feelings of warmth, hope and joy. I dream that my art work will evolve so it moves the viewer to think and act in a socially conscious ways especially in the areas of justice, equality, and concern for humankind.