Caitlin Deane, Wall Art

Caitlin is a lover of all earth-based crafts. Her discovery of clay and its endless possibilities opened a path for her to develop a deep reverence towards local and natural materials. Through her work, she allows clay’s transformative properties, fragility, and ephemerality to discuss impermanence and change. 

After receiving her BFA in Ceramics from MICA in 2012, she moved to the Mojave Desert to pursue an education in earth architecture and a career in production pottery. Over the last decade, Caitlin has worked as a natural building instructor, educational coordinator, and artist-in-residence with various nonprofits including Cal-Earth Institute and Quail Springs Permaculture. Alongside creating large earthworks, she became a full time potter at MazAmar Art Pottery and then through her ceramics business, Urthen, focusing on birthing desert inspired functional home pieces.

Caitlin moved to the beautiful Illinois River Valley of Southern Oregon in 2019 where she currently shares her passion for the arts through her work as a Managing Director at The Southern Oregon Guild of Artists & Artisans. When she’s not in the Guild Gallery, she is hiking amongst the Siskiyous, painting, gardening, and creating pottery for personal joy.