Art in the Vineyard: Pam & Barbar
Spring Guild Member Exhibit: The Art of Balance
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Art in the Vineyard: Pam Haunschild & Barbara Parchim
Go Ahead, Play with Your Fabric
Spring Guild Member Exhibit
At The Guild: "The Art of Balance"
Spring Guild Member Art Exhibit

On Display now through July 13 at the Guild Gallery

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Art Glass by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Art Glass: made with fire, sand and the elements


Art Glass

Glassblowers, stained glass artists, and sculptors create vessels, windows and other amazing objects of beauty.

Ceramics by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Ceramics: the magic of shaping, glazing & heating clay



Guild members’ beautiful ceramics range from purely decorative art work to every-day functional pieces.

Design by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Design: from websites to garments to homes



Designers create things large and small by integrating many simple elements into complex entities both real and virtual.

Fiber & Fabric Art by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Fiber & Fabric Art: stitching, felting & weaving


Fiber & Fabric Arts

From functional fine crafts to art to wear or display, fibers from plants and animals provide a medium to create

Illustration by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Illustration: bringing words to life in stylistic imagery



Artists add the visual dimension to stories and poetry in books, magazines, film and other print or digital media.

Jewelry & Metal Art by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Jewelry & Metal Art: beads, gems and metals make beautiful art


Jewelry & Metal Art

Whether adornment for the body or stand-alone objects, see imaginative work with metals, beads, gems and more.

Mixed Media by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Mixed Media: combining media and materials to make art


Mixed Media

Varied artistic skills and unexpected elements come together to create unique Two– and Three– dimensional art.

Paintings and printmaking by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Painting & Printmaking: imagery on paper, canvas, wood and more


Painting & Printmaking

Using pencil, ink, paint and electronic media to express emotions and ideas through pictures seen in the mind’s eye.

Performance & Language Arts by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Performance & Language Arts: words, music, acting—other art dimensions


Performance & Language Arts

Drama, dance, music, acting, literature—all create profound experiences for mind and body.

Photography & Videography by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Photography & Videography: capturing still and moving images


Photography & Videography

Whether still images or moving pictures, the visionary's art illuminates the beauty and stories of the world around us.

Sculpture by Southern Oregon Guild Members

creating remarkable dimensional art



Clay, stone, wood, metal and found objects become wonderful dimensional art at the hands of creative sculptors.

Woodwork by Southern Oregon Guild Members

Woodwork: wood finely crafted into functional art



The craft of fine woodworking demands vision, precision and the deep knowledge of tools, techniques and fine woods.


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Support the growth of a vibrant art culture, help artists and artisans expand skills to increase their economic success, and advance art education in our region.

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Growing Creative Community

Submit a proposed that builds creative community; that brings people together; that supports creative thinking or creative skills.

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Active Membership

Begin your adventure with the Southern Oregon Guild learning, sharing, teaching and influencing the art culture in your community.

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Born in 1953 at Black Mountain College in Asheville, NC (an avant-garde art school, during the time of the Abstract Expressionist Movement) Caitlin Rice was born an artist. Caitlin has been painting since the age of 13 when she started taking classes from local artists in Los Angeles, California (Topanga Canyon) where she was raised. She grew up with a creative and farm style life, led by her mother, a poet, and her father, a stone mason and sculptor and philosopher. 

Caitlin works with acrylic paint on large canvases to create abstract paintings that are full of movement and light and texture. Occasionally, she finds herself doing some representational work as well. Recently moved from the art scene in Boulder, Colorado she now calls Oregon home. She has been shown at the Student Art League of Denver Summer Art Market where she won an award and was given a gallery show at the Niza Knoll Gallery with the 6 other winning artists. Also at the Boulder Library Gallery, Open Studios Boulder, First Fridays at Cedar Studios in Boulder, and at the Rembrandt Gallery, Boulder. Caitlin currentlyhas work on display at Gallery One in Grants Pass and the Southern Oregon Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby.