What do I love about knitting? Several things: the process of making fabric and a garment or artform simultaneously; the rhythm of the process; seeing how the colors play out, and the textures; moving into a trance-state when the pattern is repetitious enough to cease thinking.

I’ve been knitting since childhood - used to play hooky from school and experiment with pattern stitch panels, which my mother sewed into a small afghan.

An old Danish lady impressed on me the idea that the back side should look as good as the front, a goal one seldom achieves perfectly. Technique matters, and I am always on the lookout for ways to improve mine. To that end, I will attend knitting camps, the 2015 one in New Mexico -- a 3-day course entitled “What does your yarn want to be?”

Until now, my projects have been almost all wearable art. The two exceptions were a tapestry panel depicting an Illinois River Valley scene, for Art Along the Rogue a few years ago, and a framed Olmec head for a class I was taking in arts and cultures of ancient Mexico. I recently finished a baby blanket based on the Bear Claw quilt block pattern, and am looking forward to designing some pillow covers or wall hangings based on other traditional quilt block ideas.

A new direction for me is finding inspiration in paintings, especially those with a strong geometrical aspect, such as the color studies by Josef Albers, the work of Frank Stella, and others. I adore going to art museums and then coming home to muse on how I might translate the art I see into something knitted.

Check out the Guild Gallery for samples of my creations.