I want my paintings to inspire people to dream and use their imagination...to be creative. I want them to picture the world in a more romantic, uncomplicated way.

I’ve always loved to paint and am inspired and have been influenced by a wide variety of art, from realism to abstract styles.,/p>

Years ago, I worked with watercolors and painted many portraits and landscapes in a more realistic style. More recently, I’ve enjoyed working with oils. They’ve allowed me to paint in a faster, more expressive way, like playing music! Lately, I've been doing portraits with a group that meets on Tuesdays. It's great fun!

When painting with oils, my technique is wet on wet. I almost always start a painting by covering the canvas with a wash of color such as deep cadmium yellow, choosing a color that is “opposite” the main color that I will use in the end stages of a painting. One reason for the wash is that the white of the canvas is eliminated from the beginning, and the color of the wash illuminates into the painting from behind.

In each layer of the painting, I start from dark to light, trying not to cover all of the thinner underlying layers. By the third layer, the painting is close to being finished and I focus in on the center of interest with thicker pieces of paint and sharper edges. I like to finish a smaller painting in a day. Larger paintings can take much longer.

I also like experimenting with other techniques such as heavy bodied acrylics. This method is deliberate, one brush stroke at a time. The directional strokes bring movement to the painting and it seems to come alive. The colors pop, and the textures create shadows that transform the painting in as the light changes.

Color is the heartbeat of my work. It is my passion. I especially love soft, subtle, dreamy, cool shady, romantic colors ...blues, violets, and greens, like the feeling of being in a garden or at a lily pond. And sometimes I use bold, exaggerated colors when they act together in a lively harmony. In one of these paintings, “Enchanted Sunset,” the sky is singing and the ocean is dancing.

Paintings can add beauty and emotions to our lives and I love that about what I do. It makes me happy when people enjoy a painting of mine so much that they want it in their life.

EXHIBITS An award-winning artist, Linda curates the quarterly exhibits at the Guild’s Gallery & Art Center in Kerby, Oregon, where her work can be seen. She also exhibits at Seasons ‘N Time in Kerby and has shown in juried shows in Grants Pass, OR, Vancouver, WA, and Colorado Springs, CO. She has also shown paintings in Oregon galleries in Brookings, Gold Beach, Cave Junction, Grants Pass, and in Kauai, Hawaii.