My inspirations for painting on silk are influenced by my experiences while growing up in Hawaii with an artistic and adventurous family, my travels to a silk carpet factory in Turkey, and my observations of nature while hiking throughout Oregon.

After reading countless articles about the perils of nature and it’s wildlife, I realized the urgency for man to be more conscious of pollution in our air, land and sea. This need is reflected in my work.

I find painting on silk very relaxing and rewarding. It requires many hours of practice and skill to create a piece that I can be proud of.

My silk scarves and wall hangings can be seen at the Guild Gallery in Kerby, Gallery One in Grants Pass, and Brian Scott Gallery in Brookings, as well as in various Southern Oregon businesses and other art venues.

To find me online, Google “Dragonfly Designs West” for my Facebook and Etsy pages. I also have a new website coming soon.

I am a member of the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans and the Arts Alliance of Southern Oregon.